Chunlan Invests Vast Fund for Compressor Producing Line Expa

Chunlan invests 0.18 billion to bring in a modern air condition compressor producing line in September, 2005. Its total producing capability has added up to 4 million.

The newly increased compressor types of Chunlan are mainly rotor compressorand backset compressor. They will be formed separately a series in light of a variety of types. Chunlan began the technology research and tentative production of energy saving compressors 4 years ago to finish this production expansion favorably. After much research of product structure, raw material, accessory processing and assembly craft, Chunlan now has mastered the technology capability of energy saving compressor production. In terms of test by authorities, the COP (ratio of energy and efficiency)of the new type of backset compresso air condition compressor researched and produced by Chunlan by itself is 0.25 more than the same type Japanese compressor. It reaches energy consumption standard of Europe Grade A, and saves electricity more than 30%. The superinrtendent of Chunlan dynamic manufacture limited company says that the management way of Chunlan compressor expansion will be as the same as the former. Their products not only used itself ,but also be sold both here and abroad. The Chunlan compressor will be made the power brand in compressor trade.

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