Our Services

Tri-Unity shall be highly focused in services such as warehousing, inventories maintaining for our clients. We understand that not all our clients want to import in full container loads; therefore, we can stock for them, and supply them as when they need them – JIT approach. In addition, we will offer sourcing, as well as quality control services for clients who had trouble coming to China frequently due to tight schedule. We also understand that we would be able to communicate more efficiently with the suppliers, and convey our client’s needs more accurately to the local suppliers. This would save time, cost, and effort for our clients. By providing Quality Control services for our clients, we can also increase quality, adding value for our clients, and at the same time reduce defective rate of products exported to our clients. Below is what we believe to be important criteria to ensure 100% customers’ satisfaction.

-  Wide supply network

-  Competitive prices

-  Effective QC processes

-  Timely delivery

-  Experienced technical team to solve technical issues

-  Computerized/Electronic warehousing and inventory management system

-  Wide range of products

-  Strong packaging

-  Quality products


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